How much do these services cost?

In this post, we'll discuss the cost of videographer or photography services, which can vary depending on several factors. For example, a typical corporate booking might involve creating a promotional video or photos to showcase a business's products and services, with annotations and branding guidelines. The cost of such services will be calculated by the videographer/photographer, taking into account various factors.


Pre-production involves planning the shoot, which includes consultations with clients (often free of charge), selecting filming locations, obtaining filming permits, creating a narrative, deciding on key messages and goals for the video, and creating storyboards or shot lists as needed. The cost of pre-production can range from £250 to £2500, depending on the level of work required. Some clients may choose to handle most of the pre-production themselves and only use the videographer's services for the parts they cannot do themselves.

Lets talk about Typical Rates:

In London and surrounding areas, a typical Videographer/Photographer charges an hourly rate between £40 for a beginner and £250 for an experienced professional with high-quality camera equipment. Most professionals do not charge for equipment rental as they own their own equipment and factor maintenance costs into their rates. They may also charge a flat fee for a full day ranging from £300 for a beginner to £1500 for an experienced professional with high-end equipment. Additional camera operators may cost between £300 and £600 per day.

Post-production (Editing):

Editing a project usually takes more time than shooting it, and the time required can vary greatly depending on the project's complexity. Typically, the cost of editing is 1.5-6 times higher than the day rate for shooting. For instance, if the day rate is £350, expect to pay £525-2100 for video editing, based on factors such as video duration and the complexity of the edit. In summary, when requesting quotes from a videographer or photographer, the company will consider the time and effort required for pre-production, filming, and editing.

Should you go cheap, or invest in high-quality services?

There are companies offering full promotional video and photography services for as low as £500, typically consisting of 30-60 seconds of clips set to music or a small number of poorly taken photos. However, some companies charge £2000 for the same service delivered at a higher standard. When considering booking a videographer/photographer company, it's crucial to think beyond the cost and focus on the end result. How will professionally produced media benefit your business, and what are the consequences of poorly produced media? It's essential to capture people's attention, and the best way to do that is by working with professionals to save yourself the hassle and stress of hiring an inexperienced company.

It's even better to learn how to use your own mobile phone's camera than to hire an incompetent videographer or photographer. Although it's challenging to find a service or product that's good, cheap, and fast, some companies do land in the sweet spot. At our media company, we strive to be one of those companies by providing exceptional services at reasonable rates.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced videographers and photographers in the UK. We are far from beginners, and we use high-end, expensive camera equipment to deliver the best results for our clients.